What is an RCDD?

A Registered Professional in the field of ITS design we adhere to a Code of Standards

      As an RCDD registered with BICSI, I pledge to:
    • Maintain the highest standard of personal conduct
    • Protect and enhance the reputation of the BICSI organization and the RCDD program and designation through my actions
    • Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information entrusted or known to me by virtue of my office, unless disclosure is required by law or agreement
    • Be accurate and truthful in my dealings with clients and be careful not to misrepresent the quality, availability or ability of my services
    • Under no circumstances never make a recommendation misrepresenting or overstating another individuals qualifications, abilities, or accomplishments
    • Refrain from representing competitors to the public in a disparaging or demeaning manner, but work with them and compete with them in a reasonable and professional manner for the benefit and advancement of our profession
    • Respect a clients decision in the selection of competitive services. Continue to offer and provide that client with quality services for as long as is desirable and proper
    • Serve all members of the public impartially, providing no substandard service based on that individuals age, race, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief
    • Support BICSIs mission to promote economical, efficient, flexible and safe Information Technology System (ITS) and distribution facilities for voice, data, audio, video, security and safety, and other services in commercial and multi-family facilities through the adherence to all relevant codes and laws and BICSI methodologies, where appropriate
    • Take the responsibility to ensure, and substantiate, that all requirements necessary for the renewal of any BICSI credential that I hold is met on, or before, the expiration date of that specific credential

    BICSI has established the Ethics Committee, the Code of Ethics and the RCDD Standards of Conduct to reinforce the BICSI position on the importance of its members exhibiting the highest principles of professional and ethical behavior in the provision of their products and services associated with the information transport systems industry. Adherence to these codes and standards serves to enhance public confidence in the integrity and service of RCDDs. Therefore an adherence to the RCDD Standards of Conduct is mandatory to maintain all BICSI registrations